Supervised Consumption

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About this service

What is the Supervised Consumption service? 

When a pharmacist or GP prescribes you medication, the Supervised Consumption service is set in place to provide you with advice and support on how to safely receive and take treatment. 

As it is the prescriber’s duty to care for their patients, the Supervised Consumption service serves its purpose of preventing any risks or side effects from medication through pharmacist help. 


Who can access the Supervised Consumption service?  

This service is for those who are currently in a substance misuse programme. The service users will be referred to the pharmacy by their prescriber to attend the pharmacy to take/collect their medicines to prevent withdrawal and support them with their recovery. 

Treatments that are accessible within the service and can be supervised by a registered pharmacist or a competent, trained member of staff are methadone, buprenorphine, suboxone and more.  


What will happen during the Supervised Consumption service?  

When you visit an Allied Pharmacy near you, to access the Supervised Consumption service, the following stages will occur:  

  • An ID check or identification confirmation  
  • A meeting with a pharmacist or staff member in a private consultation room 
  • A pharmacist will give you your prescribed dose  
  • Supervision and support will be offered when you are taking medication 


Will I need to pay for the service?  

As this service is covered by the NHS, the Supervised Consumption service is free of charge.  


How can a pharmacist help?  

At Allied Pharmacies, our pharmacists can help in various ways, due to the sole purpose of the Supervised Consumption service being to teach and provide help, advice, supervision and direction from a pharmacist, for medicine consumption. 

Furthermore, our pharmacists can help individuals who are dealing with substance abuse by offering support and valuable information to guide them in their recovery. 


Where can I access this service? 

You can find an Allied Pharmacy that provides this service by entering your postcode above. This will give you with a list of nearby pharmacies with their addresses and opening hours. 

You can also look for an Allied Pharmacy here, where you will find contact details such as a phone number, email address and directions. This will enable you to contact your local pharmacy for any queries or information regarding our Supervised Consumption service and more. 

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