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About this service

What is the Prescription Dispensing service? 

The Prescription Dispensing service provides patients with a simple and straightforward process of receiving either repeated or prescribed prescriptions.  

Choosing and nominating an Allied Pharmacy as your go-to, for all present and future prescriptions, can be done with the click of a button!  


What is the process of the Prescription Dispensing service? 

Going in-store and registering for the Prescription Dispensing service, is no longer required. This is because the sign-up process is available on our website. How to complete the registration process is simply outlined:  

  • Type in your postcode using our postcode locator  
  • Select the pharmacy you would like to sign up to 
  • Click ‘Sign up now’ 
  • Fill in the form and enter in your details  
  • Click ‘Send details’ 
  • Done! 


What are the benefits of the service? 

Nominating an Allied Pharmacy for dispensing your prescriptions comes with a list of benefits, such as: 

  • Skipping the GP for collecting your prescriptions  
  • Low waiting times  
  • Access to our text messaging system for prescription ready notifications  
  • Having a pharmacy that will order your prescriptions on a repeated basis 
  • Pharmacist care, with optional check ins with any new medications after 14 days to see if you are experiencing any side effects 


Will I have to pay for the Prescription Dispensing service? 

If you are exempt from paying prescription charges, this service along with your prescriptions are free of charge.

However, standard charges will apply to those who do pay for their prescriptions, when obtaining their medication. You will alert your chosen pharmacy if you are or are not exempt from prescription charges, during the sign-up process.

We will not ask for any personal or payment details when you register to our Prescription Dispensing service, as payment for prescriptions will be issued on collection. 


How can a pharmacist help? 

At Allied Pharmacies, our pharmacists can assist and check in on your health during your prescription. Further, if any help or additional treatment regarding any arising symptoms and side effects is needed, our pharmacists are on hand. 

For those who struggle or are unable to register to our Prescription Dispensing service online, our pharmacists in-store are available to sign you up on your next visit. 


Where can I access this service? 

You can find an Allied Pharmacy that provides this service by entering your postcode above. This will give you with a list of nearby pharmacies with their addresses and opening hours. 

You can also look for an Allied Pharmacy here, where you will find contact details such as a phone number, email address and directions. This will enable you to contact your local pharmacy for any queries or information regarding our Prescription Dispensing service and more. 

Locations offering this service

Acklam Road Pharmacy

89 Acklam Road, Middlesborough,

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Allied Pharmacy - Gloucester

28 Southgate Street, Gloucester,

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Allied Pharmacy - Green Lane

17 Green Lane, Tuebrook, Liverpool,
L13 7DT

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