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About this service

What is Pharmacy First? 

No need to book, just rock up! The new Pharmacy First scheme enables you to skip the GP for seven common ailments and access formulary advice and treatment direct from a pharmacist. 

However, if your condition is severe, our pharmacists will refer you to a GP or hospital. 


What is the approved list of conditions? 

In addition to the pre-existing conditions, you can visit your local pharmacist for, here is a list of seven more conditions you can now speak to your pharmacist about and at what age. 

  • Earache (Ages 1–17) 
  • Impetigo (Ages 1+) 
  • Infected Insect Bites (Ages 1+) 
  • Shingles (Ages 18+) 
  • Sinusitis (Ages 12+) 
  • Sore Throat (Ages 5+) 
  • Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection (Women Aged 16-64) 

*Anyone not within this age bracket must visit their GP 


How can I access this new scheme? 

All our pharmacies now offer this scheme, so all you need to do is find an Allied Pharmacy nearest to you. Then, simply head down and walk in to speak to one of our pharmacists, who are available to see to you. 

However, if there is no one available or you would prefer an online video consultation, you can book an appointment by giving us a call.  


What will my consultation be like? 

Your consultation will take place in a private setting with a pharmacist where all information will be stored and held confidential. The pharmacist will: 

  • Ask you questions about your health (previous medical history, any allergies, current medications you are taking and symptoms you are experiencing) 
  • Likely look at what is wrong (this will be needed for some conditions like earache – like using an otoscope to look at your ear)  
  • Recommend the best course of action to treat your condition (this could be that it is best for the illness to run its course, be prescribed with antibiotics or seek further help from a health professional or service) 

*The notes from your consultation will be added to your medical records 


Will I need to pay for my formulary advice and treatment? 

During your consultation/appointment our pharmacist will provide you with FREE advice regarding your health condition.  

But if treatment is necessary, our pharmacist can recommend over the counter and prescription-only medication to you. Standard charges will apply for over the counter and prescription-only medications unless you qualify for free NHS prescriptions. 


Can I still visit my GP for these seven conditions?  

You can still contact your GP regarding these seven common health conditions, however if your GP has no accessible appointments and trusts a pharmacy can help, you will be directed to the Pharmacy First scheme.  

Other services, including your GP, that may refer you to the Pharmacy First scheme are: 

  • NHS 111 (via online, telephone and the NHS app),  
  • Integrated urgent care clinical assessment services  
  • Urgent treatment centres  
  • A&E 
  • 999 


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