Period Delay (Private)

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About this service

What is the Period Delay service?  

The Period Delay service, at Allied Pharmacies, includes pharmacist help and advice on how to safely postpone your period. This service is NOT available on a regular basis and should be accessed on occasion, for example holidays, travelling, exams, etc.  


How does the Period Delay service work? 

After speaking with a pharmacist, in a private consultation room, those accessing this service will be offered the norethisterone tablet. This tablet works by keeping your progesterone levels high, for up to 17 days, and will trick your body into thinking you are pregnant. As a result, this causes your period to stop by prohibiting it from being triggered as and when it usually does so. 


What can prevent me from delaying my period? 

Certain contraceptives, like the progesterone-only pill, can prevent you from delaying your period. If you are using this form of contraception, it is not possible for you to postpone your period through taking packets back-to-back.  

Therefore, if you are taking contraceptive tablets and wish to delay your period, it is advised that you consult with a pharmacist for professional guidance on how to best postpone your cycle. 


Is the Period Delay service safe? 

There are always risks when it comes to altering your hormones however, using norethisterone is generally safe. There are only a few short-term side effects that can occur when taking this tablet, such as: 

  • Feeling sick  
  • Sore breasts 
  • Tiredness  
  • Headaches 

For most women, it is safe to use norethisterone for period delay. However, this should again only be used on occasion.  


How can a pharmacist help? 

At Allied Pharmacies, this private and paid for service can provide you with help by our pharmacists prescribing you with medication for period delay, after a private consultation has occurred. During and after the consultation, our pharmacists will advise and prescribe you with the appropriate medication you need (based on the information and details shared about your current menstrual history). 


Where can I access this service? 

You can find an Allied Pharmacy that provides this service by entering your postcode above. This will give you with a list of nearby pharmacies with their addresses and opening hours. 

You can also look for an Allied Pharmacy here, where you will find contact details such as a phone number, email address and directions. This will enable you to contact your local pharmacy for any queries or information regarding our Period Delay service and more. 

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