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About this service

Needle Exchange is an NHS Service available to provide injecting drug users with sterile equipment including needles, syringes, and sharps bins. All service users will receive friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential advice and information where needed.

This service is here assist our communities effort decrease the potential of the harms associated with injecting drugs, including reducing the rate of blood borne viruses (such as HIV).

Our pharmacy teams will ask you some questions upon your first visit to help to provide you with what you need and help you to understand the advantages of the service. The team can provide you with information on various issues surrounding injecting drugs; including prevention of drug related death, preventing overdose, safer injecting techniques, contraception, etc.

All used injecting equipment stored in a sharps bin can be returned to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

Needle Exchange equipment available listed below:
1ml insulin syringes; Exchange Unisharp Syringes; BD 0.5ml insulin syringes; Syringe 1ml; Syringe 2ml; Syringe 5ml; Syringe 10ml; Needle grey 27g x 0.5; Needle brown 26g x 0.5"; Needle orange 25g x 5/8"; Needle orange 25g x 1.0; Needle blue 23g x 1.0"; Needle blue 23g x 1.25"; Needle green 21g x 1.5"; Needle pink drawing Up 18g x 1.5"; Medicated swabs; Sharps bin 0.45 litre; Sharps bin 4 litre; Sharps bin 7 litre; Citric acid sachets; Vitamin C sachets; Spoons; Condoms; Foil.

The Needle Exchange service is free and you do not need to make an appointment to receive your sterile equipment.

Locations offering this service

Allied Pharmacy - Gloucester

28 Southgate Street, Gloucester,

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Allied Pharmacy - Mesnes Street

91a Mesnes Street, Wigan,

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Allied Pharmacy - Ormesby

9 High Street, Middlesbrough,

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