Emergency Hormonal Contraception

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About this service

What is the Emergency Hormonal Contraception service?  

Emergency Hormonal Contraception is a service offering medication by a registered pharmacist, reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy for individuals after having unprotected sex, or when protection has failed.  

Medication, provided within the Emergency Hormonal Contraception service is the emergency contraceptive pill (Levonelle or ellaOne 


How does the Emergency Hormonal Contraception service work?  

If you feel as though there may be a chance you could fall pregnant after having unprotected/failed protected sex, it is important for you speak to a pharmacist as soon as possible - if you wish to eliminate any risk of pregnancy. 

The reason for this is based upon the time limit of when emergency contraception must be taken:  

  • Levonelle (taken within 3 days) 
  • ellaOne (taken within 5 days) 

This service includes a private consultation where you, the patient, may be signposted to an alternate service provider such as a GP or sexual health clinic that can potentially provide you with other emergency contraception like the intrauterine device.  


Is the Emergency Hormonal Contraception service safe? 

Taking emergency hormonal contraception, can come with risks. Frequently, using emergency contraception can increase the side effects that come from the medication. 

However, there are no serious or long-term side effects when taking the emergency contraceptive pill. But the side effects that may occur, include:  

  • Stomach pain  
  • Headaches  
  • Changes to your period (can cause you to start earlier, later or the period to be more painful) 
  • Feeling or being sick (get medical attention if you have been sick or have diarrhoea within 2 hours of taking Levonelle or 3 hours after ellaOne) 

Do I have to pay for this service?  

At Allied Pharmacies, anyone can access our Emergency Hormonal Contraception service at any age however a charge for medication may apply. 

It is unlikely that our pharmacies provide IUD fitting services. Therefore, in case of emergency, it is important you ring or get in touch with one of our pharmacies for information and assistance 


How can a pharmacist help?  

With the Emergency Hormonal Contraception service being available at community pharmacies (like us), this has reduced the waiting time for a GP or doctor’s prescription and therefore, increased the success of preventing unwanted pregnancies.  

At Allied Pharmacies, our pharmacists can provide you with help and emergency contraception all within a period of 24 hours.  


Where can I access this service? 

You can find an Allied Pharmacy that provides this service by entering your postcode above. This will give you with a list of nearby pharmacies with their addresses and opening hours. 

You can also look for an Allied Pharmacy here, where you will find contact details such as a phone number, email address and directions. This will enable you to contact your local pharmacy for any queries or information regarding our Emergency Hormonal Contraception service and more. 

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