Period Delay

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About this service

If you want to delay your period as you have an event coming up, such as going on holiday or exams, our period delay service can help you.

How does this work?
Eligible patients will be prescribed Norethisterone tablets.
The treatment works by keeping your progesterone levels high for up to 17 days so your period is not triggered to begin as it usually would.
Please note that this treatment does not work as contraception so it is important to consider alternative contraceptives while taking the tablets, such as condoms.

Is it safe?
Period delay medication Norethisterone is suitable for occasional use but should not be used on a regular basis. Our pharmacists will ensure that the treatment is suitable for you during the consultation process, in the pharmacy's private consultation room.
If you would like to consider more long term treatment options such as the combined pill, please speak with your GP. If you would like to discuss this treatment option or would like some more information, please speak with our pharmacists who will be happy to help.

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